Monument to the founders of Kiev

Monument to the founders of Kiev
Dnieper embankment

A big boat is swimming through the waves of Dnieper. There are four persons in the ancient clothes aboard — it is three brothers Kyi, Schek and Horiv and their sister Lybid. These four are the mythical founders of Kiev.

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The monument dedicated to founders of Kiev was built in a scenic park on the banks of Dnieper in 1982. It consists of the copper-forged boat with a more-than-natural figures of three brothers Kyi, Schek, Horiv and their sister Lybid. There is the symbolical light-lit pool under the boat.

Founders of Kiev

The honor to be famed as the original founders of Kiev is on these three men and a woman, whose names were engraved in the first chronicle of Kiev Rus. The author of this manuscript called Nestor the Chronicler rewrote the ancient fable about the legendary three brothers and their sister, who built a town on the seven hills on the Dnieper’s bank and named it in honor of Kyi, who was the eldest of them.


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