Mamaeva Sloboda

Mamaeva Sloboda
Mikhaila Dontsa str., 2

Tematic dendropark — a corner of Ukrainian nature, architecture and life was organized on the territory of 9,2 hectares.

Center of the architectural ensemble is kossack three-domed wooden church of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God with the bell-tower similar to ones in Zaporozhskaya Sech during Bohdan Khmelnitskiy times.

Close to the church on the hill of the rye field there is a wind-mill — symbol of peaceful grain growing Ukraine. Further on, behind two lakes with rush and water-lilies there are mansions of church warden, cossack-armoutbearer, cossack foreman, blacksmith with smithy, potter with the workshop, fortune teller, jew-paddler and also apiary and water-mill. Mansions consist of various service buildings — barns, sheds, stables, vaults, cattlesheds, hayloft and so on. This traditional Ukrainian landscape is accomplished with market place, village council and Cossack залогой.


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