Mikhail Bulgakov museum

Mikhail Bulgakov museum
Andreevsky spusk, 13
+38(044) 425 31 88
working hours
10:00-16:00, выходной — среда

The museum of Mikhail Bulgakov, author of the famous novel «Master and Margarita». In this house on Andreevskiy spusk, had lived his family, later he rent a room there with his first wife Tatyana and then practised as the doctor in a cabinet with the odious door-plate «Venereal diseases and syphilis».

Mikhail Bulgakov museum dedicated to Kiev life period of famous writer had opened its doors in 1993 on Andreevskiy descent. In Kiev Bulgakov was born, brought up, studied, get married and worked as a doctor. Kiev have played important role in forming of his personality, it is confirmed by frequent mentions of Kiev in his novels.

Museum exposition «House of Tyrbiny» is placed on the second floor of the building, in the 7 room flat — it combines real life of Bulgakov’s family and life of heroes of his novel «White Guards». Things that belonged to Bulgakov family are represented in their natural look, the stuff of Turbiny, made-up things that are depicted in a novel — are represented in white. White — is a color of snow which «covers» the novel, it is the color of doctors smock, and also the remembrances, nostalgia, a haze which produces visions, dreams and fears.

The small lobby of the flat leads to labyrinth of rooms: reception-room with the Faust score opened on piano; consulting room were had practiced doctor Bulgakov, and also the hero of his novel — doctor Turbin; the room of Elena — novel character, in this room lived Bulgakov sister Varya with her husband; the personal room of Bulgakov — the room of Nikolka from the novel, the entrance to which serves wardrobe with the door-plate № 50 from «Master and Margarita» novel; «Book» room from the novel, which was occupied by Bulgakovs’ three cousins in real life, and at last — fifth dimension — the room which is visible from the dining room through the mirror — in this room died Alexey, in real life — Bulgakov’s father.

In the museum collection about 2500 items and about 500 of them are things that belonged to Bulgakov’s family.


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