«Kosoy kaponir» museum

«Kosoy kaponir» museum
Gospitalnaya str., 24а
+38(044) 235 01 46

There are two museums in the caponniers of the Hospital stronghold of the Kiev fortress. Expositions tell the history of the native and Kiev fortification since Tripolie culture till today and also history of the caponnier itself and former political prison.

«Kosoy kaponir» built as a defensive work of Pecherskaya fortress was used for a while as an arsenal and in the beginning of 60-ies of XIX century it was turned into high security jail for political prisoners.

In «Kosoy kaponir» were recreated premises of the times were it was a prison — lock-ups for soldiers and officers, containing nothing but beds covered with straw and wooden barrel-toilet (close-stool), punishment cells (tiny rooms of only few square meters, which temperature was slightly above zero and floor was covered with water to prevent prisoner from sitting or lying), bleak jail corridors.

In the showcases one may see personal belongings of prisoners, legal papers, military uniform, weapon. There is even a condemned cage, which was used to carry Dmitriy Bagrov, assassinator of Stolypin.

Separate hall of the museum exhibits skiff ceramic «Platar».


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