Great Patriotic War museum (World War II Museum)

Great Patriotic War museum (World War II Museum)
Lavrskaya str., 24
+38(044) 285 94 52

Museum exhibition is devoted to the Second world war, with the dominating Ukrainian theme, contribution of Ukraine in the victory over nazism.

Current exhibition was created in 1994–95, in new historical reality in the condition of the independent Ukrainian state. Exhibition mainly emphasize Ukrainian contribution in the victory over Nazism. 16 museum chambers with the total area of about 5000 m² exhibit over 15 000 museum objects — papers, personal belongings, weapon, photos, banners, awards, letters, diaries, military hardware.

Exhibition of all chambers topically and chronologically are united by a single stem, called «the road of the war» Exhibition is split by topics, including Sevastopol defense , occupation regime and concentration camps, partisan movement in Ukraine, Stalingrad and Kursk battles, forcing the Dnieper. Exhibition culmination is a Memory chamber with 27 meter funeral table with personal belongings, embroidered towels and «killed in battle» notices.


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