Great Patriotic War Memorial complex

Great Patriotic War Memorial complex
Lavrskaya str., 24
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Memorial complex of the Great Patriotic War occupies the area of over 10 hectares. It includes museum of the Second World War with Mother-Motherland monument, main square with the alley of cities-heroes, sculptures «Forcing the Dnieper» and «weapon transfer», heroes gallery of front and rear with bronze high-reliefs, cup «Fire of Glory», exhibition of military technique, open for visitors airplane Li-2 and helicopter Mi-24B.

In the separate buildings there are two other permanent exhibitions «Tragedy and valour of Afghanistan» and «At stranger wars».

Memorial complex of the Great Patriotic War was opened on Dnieper hills in 1981. Main exhibition object is three-floored building of the Great Patriotic war museum with the square in front of it seating 30 thousand people. Museum building simultaneously serves pedestal for the Mother-Motherland monument looking to the Dnieper. Majestic monument is manufactured from the stainless-steel.


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