Mikhail Bulgakov

Mikhail Bulgakov

Mikhail Bulgakov is the writer, author of world known novel «Master and Margarita».

Mikhail Bulgakov biography

Mikhail Bulgakov was born in Kiev in 1891. His father was a teacher in Kiev Theological Academy, and both of his grandfathers were priests. Bulgakov was named in the honor of Archangel Mikhail — the patron of Kiev. Looking for better lodging his family had changed apartments almost every year, until they settled down on Andreevskiy spusk, 13 — nowadays this house is the museum of Mikhail Bulgakov. Mikhail Afanasjevitch had been living on Andreevsky spusk for twelve years. Up to 1919 here lived his large family, which became known as Turbiny family, later he rent here a room with his first wife Tatiana and then practiced as a doctor in a cabinet with the odious door-plate «Venereal diseases and syphilis».

When the Voluntary army of Whites entered Kiev in 1919, Bulgakov was mobilized and left Kiev for Northern Caucasia as a military doctor. In Vladikavkaz Bulgakov started to write his novel «White Guard» about the tragedy of civil war, which took place in his native city — Kiev.

Having lived in Vladikavkaz for 2 years, Bulgakov left it for Moscow — he was going to make the career of a writer. His creative life was difficult — permanent attacks of critics, refusals of publications, and exclusion of his plays from the theatres repertory. Even official appeal to Stalin and Soviet Government didn’t give result — the novels of the writer were prohibited to publication as before. Earning his living by text translations and libretto writing for Grand Theatre in Moscow Bulgakov started to write his most famous novel — «Master and Margarita». He had ended it one month before death. Being mortally ill, last chapters Bulgakov had dictated to his wife.

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  • Mohammed 2015.12.02

    'darness declares the glory of light' from 'Murder in the Cathedral by T S Eliot.I took to counorilg my eyebrows green after reading The Master and Margarita.'Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.'

  • Sammy 2015.09.04

    Ack! Can you pop a 'k' in there for me please?I wrote out that quote amd stuck it on my beorodm wall when I was about fourteen and sometime later took it down and tore it into little pieces. I do still like it a lot though. :)And the second quote. You recognise that from 'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling Stones, inspired by The M and M?

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