Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich — painter and designer, author of famous «Black square», abstract art founder.

Kazimir Malevich biography

Kazimir Malevich was born in 1879 in outskirts of Kiev. His father worked as a manager on sugar-refinery and his job demanded frequent changing the place of living — Malevich has spent his childhood in Ukrainian villages surrounded with sugar-beet fields. Once father took little Kazimir to Kiev and boy had saw in the shop window a painting with a girl that peeled potatoes — this was his first meeting with real painting. When Kazimir was 15 his mother presented him a box full of paints. From that time he didn’t left the brush — in the age of 17 he entered Kiev painting school, in 1904 left Kiev for Moscow — to study painting.

During all his life Malevich several times intended to move to Kiev. From 1926 soviet government started to persecute him as «mystic and formalist» — after slashing article in newspaper «Leningradskaya Pravda» Malevich was dismissed from the headmaster position of Modern art investigation Institute.

He escaped to Kiev, were he worked in Art Institute in 1928-1930 years. But government treated him with growing suspicion — Malevich personal exhibition in Kiev in 1930 was strictly criticized and some months after painter was arrested and imprisoned for several weeks in St. Petersburg. In the end of life Malevich got into atmosphere of social isolation and died after severe illness in misery in 1935.

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