Knight house

Yaroslavov val, 1

The pointed capstan-tower of this building resembles by its silhouette a medieval castle, winged monsters are hanging above the entrance, and in a porch there is a word «Salve!» inlayed with mosaic (in Latin it means «Hello!»).

Knight house history

This house was constructed in 1898 by the custom-built of the landowner Mikhail Podgorskiy. The building project was created by engineer Nikolay Dubachevskiy who despite of his youth had already traveled all over the world and even collaborated in construction of Panama Canal.

Talented architect offered a sketch which could serve as illustrations to Charles Perrault books and knight-errant stories. The customer was pleased with the building. But after several years living in the house he died. Next years the building had changed several owners. In soviet times house was nationalized and partly given for institutions.

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