National Bank of Ukraine building

National Bank of Ukraine building
Instituskaya str., 9

The Building of a National Bank of Ukraine is one of the most magnificent buildings in Kiev constructed in the XX century.

National Bank of Ukraine building history

On the edge of XIX — XX century the necessity of a new building for a National Bank was urgent, an old building couldn’t have met the raising necessities of the city. A contest for a new building project was announced. Three architects participated in this contest, among whom was well known Gorodetskiy. But not he was the person to win the context — engineer Alexandr Kobelev has been granted the wright to construct a new building. The talented architect Alexandr Verbitskiy designed the front of the building. Construction of the building started at year 1902 and at the first day of august of year 1905 the National Bank proceeded to work in a new building. It was equipped with a steam heating, electric light and a ventilation system. The technical system of the ventilation was very interesting — air came in the ventilation system from the Bank’s yard where the rose garden was situated — therefor the beautiful scent of roses could be felt on all floors of the building.

In year 1934 because of the raising requirements of the city two more floors were constructed. This construction have not spoiled the view of the building but even added to it’s significance.

The front of the building was created in northern-Italian Gothic style and early Florentine Renaissance — marble columns, exquisite ornamental patterns and craft emblems. The decorative towers on the cuts of the building being held by the sculptures of the giant gryphon’s, which in antique mythology were accounted as a guards of gold mines. There are a lot of sculptural compositions in building’s interior — the figures of antic gods — Hermes, Demetra, Afina and Hefest, modelled decorations with emblems and coats of arms. And on the celling of the main hall — the picture of Arcstrategist Mikhail — the protector of Kiev.


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