Makovskiy clinic

Olesya Gonchara str., 33

On the front of the building there is a carved inscription «Surgical Hospital of Ignatiy Makovskiy, the Doctor of Medicine», it is framed by two bas-reliefs — half-stripped woman figures with wings; at the bottom, over the first floor, there is a lion statue on the cliff, baring one’s teeth.

Makovskiy clininc history

This house was erected on request of Peter Kachkovskiy by architect Leduhovskiy. Kachkovskiy, the Doctor of Medicine, had arranged in the building his private surgical clinic, and also the house served him as domicile. Peter Kachkovskiy died at the age of 45 in 1909 after unsuccessful medical treatment. In 1910 here, on Malovladimirskaya Street, 33, had opened surgical hospital of Ignatiy Makovskiy, the Doctor of Medicine. Exactly there, in 1911, died tsar’s Prime Minister Stolypin, fatally wounded by terrorist in Kiev Opera House.


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