Kovalevskiy's house

Kovalevskiy's house
Shelkovichnaya str., 15/1

This house in Arabic style which looks like the medieval castle was erected in 1911-1913 on demand of Nikolay Kovalevskiy and became his family manor.

Kovalevskiy’s House history

House was designed by the architect Pavel Aleshin. While creating the project Aleshin had quite complicated task: it was necessary to place on the small lot of 46×45m square a house, stable, cowshed, garage and a garden. Because of the lack of space architect used even underground room — under the courtyard he placed the cellar with the ice-box and a wood-shed.

There a lot of particular feature in house design: faceted tower with helmet dome conceals that front walls adjoin under the 78 degree, drain-pipes are build in walls in order to avoid shadows which visually break building’s front, on one bas relief there is architect portrait in the cats image.

The interior space was used maximum efficiently — on the first floor hall, boudoir, library and billiard parlour were placed. Also here was special room made by Kovalevskiy request — by its form and design created as compartment of railroad carriage (Kovalevskiy acquainted with his wife in the train). On the second floor there were family members rooms, bedrooms, classroom and small dining room. At the base floor there were rooms of maintenance staff, boiler room and condition chamber. Under the dome on the attic architect placed rehearsed of the orchestra, from were musicians could come down to main hall by inner stairs. Aleshin used all time achievements — there were a heating laid and all stores were linked by elevator.

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