Vydubychi monastery

Vydubychi monastery
Vydubetskaya str., 40

Vydubychi monastery it’s a monastery complex situated on the picturesque banks of Dnieper in the Vydubich tract.

Vydubychi monastery history

Vydubychi monastery was constructed in 70th of XI century by grand duke Vsevolod Yaroslavovich, who was the son of Yaroslav the Wise like a family monastery.

The name of the place is connected with the legend that when Grand Duke of Kiev Vladimir at the time of Rus baptizing enjoined to throw down all wooden pagan deities and idols into a Dnieper, those people who were devoted to old belief ran along the river and called Gods to float to the surface and shouted «Perune, vydubi (which mean — Perun float to the surface.) The place were idols came to bank was named «Vydubichi».

The architectural ensemble of the monastery consist of Archangel Mikhail Church, Georgievskaya Church, Spasskaya Church constructed in Ukrainian baroque style and refectory. Only several churched of the monastery kept safe during the centuries. Among them Archangel Mikhail Church, which was constructed by the time of rule of Vsevolod and partly restored in 1769 in Ukrainian baroque style.


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