Virgin Mary Dormition Pirogosсha Church

Virgin Mary Dormition Pirogosсha Church
Kontraktovaya square

Virgin Mary Dormition Pirogosсha Church located at the foot of the Zamkovaya hill is the reconstructed copy of the first Russian building, which was fully built from brick, without using stone.

Virgin Mary Dormition Pirogosсha Church history

First church at this spot was founded in 1132 during the governing of the son of Vladimir Monomax — Mstislav. Church erection was accomplished after Mstislav’s death, during the principality of his brother Yaroslav. It was first building in Kiev, which was fully constructed from brick, without using stone. Arch walls were decorated with mural paintings and floor with mosaic plates. Church of the Repose of the Virgin Pirogoscha is mentioned in the «The Tale of the Armament of Igor» in conjunction with the return from Polovtsian captivity tales hero — prince Igor Svyatoslavovych.

There are two versions about the name origin. According to the first one name originates from the Virgin’s icon name, which was brought from Konstantinopol, where it was stored in the tower (in Greek — pirgotis). According to the other church construction was funded by merchants («pirog» — bread, «goshi» — merchants).

Within centuries Pyrogoscha was the main conciliar church of Podol merchants, petty bourgeois and craftsmen, as well as the cultural center of Podol. There were school, orphanage, hospital for poors and city archive. Citizens meetings also hold near the church.

During centuries the church was many times destroyed and re-built. In 1482 it was robed by Tatars, burnt in 1718–1808. In 1613 Italian architect Sebastiano Bracchi rebuilt the church in compliance with renaissance standards, in XVIII century it was modified in Ukrainian baroque style and reconstruction of XIX century added some classicism features.

In 1935 under the order of the Soviet power church was demolished and in 1998 it was reconstructed in the shape of the ancient Russian architecture, characteristic for XII century. Today it is an acting chapel of the Ukrainian Orthodox church.

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