Brodskiy synagogue

Brodskiy synagogue
Shota Ruslaveli str., 13

One of the three Kiev synagogues the Brodskiy synagogue is located in the very center of Kiev. This building erected in 1898, was confiscated by soviet power in 1926 and returned back to Jewish community only in 1997.

There is a small museum in the hall of synagogue — hanukkia created by famous Israel sculptor Frank Maisler, fragment of Torah scroll of II-V century, copy of the key from the synagogue opening in 1898, antique books, kippahs, tephillines, mezuzas, candle-holders.

History of the Brodskiy synagogue

Synagogue at the corener of Shota Rustaveli and Rognedinskays streets appeared in Kev in 1898. Budget for it’s construction was allocated by famous Kiev millioner and philanthropist «sugar king» — Lazar Brodskiy.

Under Brodskiy order engineer George Shlejfer developed synagogues project in Mauritanian style. It was planed to build it in the personal mansion of Lazar Brodskiy. However the project was denied by city council. The matter is that by that time Jewish were prohibited to erect monumental religious buildings, it was allowed only to adept for prayer houses existing buildings. Than Brodskiy and chief Kiev rabbi, Evsey Cukkerman, resorted to cunning. They sent a complain to St.Petersburg and drawings of the side of the building looking to Rognedinskaya, where it resembled a residential house. In spring 1897 Senat of the Russian Empire issued a permission for bulding a prayer-house Synagogue was built within a year, works were performed by the best city erection company of Leo Ginzburg. It cost about 150 000 rubles. Grand opening and consecration of synagogue was devoted to 50-th anniversary of Lazar Brodskiy, August 24, 1898. It was visited by many honorary guests, including governor and city head.

Building was used as Jewish religious center during thirty years. In 1926 it was confiscated by the soviet power. First it was turned into handicraftsman club, later on into puppet show. During the Second World war it was used as a stable for the army horses.

After Ukraine independence started negotiations about returning building to Jewish community. In 1992 after many years for the first time was celebrated Hanukkah. In 1997 puppet show moved to a new building and in 2000 it was celebrated grand opening of the renovated Kiev central synagogue.


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