St. Nicholas church

St. Nicholas church
Parkovaya doroga

Chapel-rotunda in the track Askold grave.

In 971 St. Nicolay chapel was destroyed by Olga sun Svyatoslav, who was heathen, persecuting Christians and eliminating churches. During centuries chapel on Askold grave was many times reconstructed, destroyed and built again. In 1810 under the design of chief Kiev architector Melenskiy there was built a new two-leveled stone chapel-rotunda with empire-styled altar and burial vault underneath. Chapel erection was funded by Voronej City Head and merchant Samuil Mesheryakov in memory of his wife Alexandra who died in Kiev during the pilgrimage in 1809. In 1938 under the design of architect Petr Yurchenko by adding colonnade chapel was reconstructed into park pavilion and in the building was opened a restoran.

After Ukraine independence in the beginning of 90-th St. Nikolay chapel was given to grecian-catolic church. In 1998 owing to private donations and city management it was refurbished and initial design was returned. Roof was decorated with the golden cross mounted on the crown. It symbolize buried there Kiev prince Askold.

In 2001 church on Askold grave was visited by Pope John Paul II. Now it is an acting temple. Askold grave is located in a vault in antique stone sarcophagus. Outdoor stairway lead there.


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