Cyril church

Cyril church
Eleny Teligi str., 12

Cyril Church was constructed as far back as the XII century, especially precious are extant in interior fragments of frescos.

Cyril church history

Cyril church was constructed in the middle of XII century in the outskirts of old Kiev — Dorogojichi. The church was named after Saint Cyril one of the Slavic enlighteners. The construction was started by Vsevolod Olgovich prince of Chernigov, and after his death the church was finished by his wife — Maria Mstislavovna. From here in 1139 Vsevolov Olgovich managed the assault of Kiev during internal war for the Kiev’s throne and gained victory.

For the Olgovich dynasty Cyril church became country-house residence and family burial-vault. In 1194 here was buried Kiev Grand Duke Svyatoslav — the Hero of Old Russian poem «Slovo o Polku Igorevim».

For the time of its existence Cyril church many timed was in desolation, repeatedly repaired and renewed. After rebuilding in XVII–XVIII old Cyril Church had got it contemporary view with typical features of baroque style.

In 60th years of XIX under the plaster of walls of XVIII centuries had been found frescos of XII century. In 1884 by the Church demand opened old frescos were anew painted by oil paints — the works were commited to famous Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. Especially beautiful was «Mother of God», it was told that in that Vrubel had an unrequited love to Emiliya Prahova, the wife of his art-master, and indeed her face serve as the basis for «Mother of God» portrait.

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