Pochtovaya square — Mikhaylovskaya square

Cog railway (funicular) on Vladimirskaya hill is not only Kiev pecularity, but also the most swift and convenient way to get from Podol to the Upper city, to Mikhailovskaya square.

Funicular history

Idea of mechanical cog railway on the Dnieper hills was discussed by Kiev engineers many times. For the first time it was suggested in 1883 by Artur Abragamson. The idea was hinted by his education in Switzerland where he saw ski lifts. Although implementation was delayed till 1902 when city council ordered under the management of Abragamson engineer Nikolay Pyatnitskiy to design funicular lifting gear and architect Alexander Baryshnikov station pavilions. During the construction was utilized newly introduced material ferroconcrete, while gear and carriages were manufactured in Swithzerland.

Opening of «Mikhailov lift», as it was called, occurred on May 7, 1905. Within first day people simply attacked funicular. According to special counters installed only during May 8, 1905 22 thousand people used funicular services.

Route length was 200 meters. Each of two carriages was able to take 65 passengers and had two open stages and three closed compartments with seats. Each run took 3 minutes. Funicular was reconstructed 3 times. At the end of 20-th in the past centure the route was prolonged from Mikhailovskaya square through Borichev lane further to Post square by 38 meters. In 30 years were replaced wore railways, sleepers and carriages. In 1984 — was reconstructed down pavilion.


  • James 2016.04.10

    I've ridden up out of the river bottom on it. Fun and quick.

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