Pechersk Lypki

Pechersk Lypki

Lypki is one of a Kiev districts were in 19 and beginning of 20 centuries situated the mansions of Kiev aristocracy and many city authorities’ buildings.

Lypki is a historical region of Kiev, part of Pechersk district. The name «Lypki» appeared in 1774, after the linden tree grove was planted here. In 1752 on Lipki was constructed Maryinskiy palace — Kiev residence of empress Elizaveta. Some time after the region was replaned, linden trees were cut down and the place started to be built over by the mansions of Kiev noble families. The houses of Kiev governor-general and his office, house of Commander of Kiev military troops, building of State Bank were situated here.

Traditions started in the beginning of 18 century have still remained till our time — the President of Ukraine administration, building of Ukrainian Parliament(Verhovna Rasa), National bank of Ukraine, House of government and many other power authorities buildings are situated in Lipki.

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