Vladimir's hill

Vladimir's hill
Mikhaylovskaya square

Each Kiev citizen knows Vladimirs hill. From it slopes there is a spectacular view over the Dnieper, Podol, Trukhanov island and Darnitsa. Monument of St.Vladimir with the cross became a real symbol of Kiev.

Vladimir’s hill history

Old name of this hill «Mikhailovskiy» originates from the Gold-domed monastery, which was found there in 1108. For a long time hill was almost bold and only in 1940 park lay-out started. Military engineer Leshevskiy suggested a project to improve steep hills, he developed a design of top and bottom terraces. Upper terrace is located at the monastery level, middle one was intended for St. Vladimir monument and the lowest terrace was just a road from Kreschatik to Podol at the bottom of the hill. In 1853 took place grand opening of St. Vladimir monument, in 1890 it’s cross was equipped with the light bulbs. Since that every night giant cross was shining brightly in the dark sky.

Vladimir’s hill became first free of charge public park in Kiev. All other parks were surrounded by fences and charged admission fee. Whilst other city parks were visited only upon spring started, observation deck was visited all year round.

Famous openwork pavilion appeared at Vladimir’s hill due to Vasiliy Kokorev, Moscow merchant, millionaire and oil magnate. Being very much impressed by Kiev beauty in 1863 he donated 100 rubles to arrange a pavilion at the upper steep of the hill. Money were deposited in the bank and for unknown reason forgotten for a long time. When the story was recalled due to the interest amount tripled. As a result instead of one pavilion were built two — one at the upper observation deck of Vladimirskiy hill and another — beneath Andreevskaya church. The first one soon became the favorite spot of meetings and rendezvous.

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