Fomin botanical garden

Fomin botanical garden
Taras Shevchenko boulevard
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Fomin botanical garden is located in the historical center of Kiev and occupies the territory of 22 hectares. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens of Ukraine.

Garden is divided into 2 parts — park and scientific. Park area is free for all visitors. It is especially popular in spring when magnolias blossom in the valley and rhododendrons on the alley.Collection boasts more than 40 species of the formers.

Admission to the scientific part is allowed only for guided tours. There you can find green houses with the plants from the tropical and sub-tropical countries, among them coffee and melon-trees, coco palm, banana-nana, cinnamon tree and especially valuable 200 years old Encephalartos and 180 years old palms.

Garden history

According to the ancient legend territory currently occupied by the garden belonged to Lybed, sister to Kiy, Shek and Horiv, founders of Kiev. After her was named formerly broad and full-flowing river falling into the Dnieper. Exactly here, on the left slope of Lybed was laid out botanical garden.

Architect Beretti while designing St. Vladimir university (today Shevchenko university) suggested to create a garden on the adjacent dump area. In 1839 it was given a permission to built a temporary garden at the university botanical cathedra and by the end of 1841 it’s status was changed to permanernt.

Initial collection was based on plants delivered from Volintskiy lyceum and alsos grown from the seeds provided by the botanical gardens of Russia and other countries. First director of the garden was professor Trautfetter , head of the botanic cathedra of St. Vladimir university. Garden became famous worldwide due to it plant cyto-embryology discoveries in 1894-1914, which brought to it permanent attention of the researchers of many countries of the world. Garden attracted numerous visitors not only by wonderful plant collection, but also by zoological park, located there in 1908-1913.

In 1914-1935 botanical garden was directed by A.V. Fomin, who during the winter of 1919–1920 undertook with his colleagues tremendous job, saving green-house plant collections from severe frost. In 1941-1943 years, during fashist occupation of Kiev were lost a lot of precious plants, some of them were taken out to Germany. Nevertheless, garden was opened for visitors already in spring of 1944, it was started recovery of the green-houses and collections.

In 1977 it was built green-house climatron with the height over 30 m. It is area was about 1000 мІ. In 1984 it was accomplished domed green-house with the height of 18 m and area 532 м².


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