Yaroslav the Wise monument

Yaroslav the Wise monument
Lysenko str., Golden Gate park

The Monument to a grand duke Yaroslav Mudriy (Yaroslav The Wise) in time of who's reign Kievan Rus reached it fullest flower.

Yaroslav Mudriy (app. 978 — 1054)

A grand duke of Kiev, son of Vladimir Velikiy (Vladimir the Great). Age of Yaroslavl’s Mudriy reign became the age of the fullest flower of the Kievan Rus.

In year 1036 he gained a magnificent victory over the pechenegs and thereby rescued Kievan Rus from their incursions. But the significance of Yaroslav for Kievan Rus’s history is based mostly not on his successful wars but on his works on the internal order of the state. Yaroslav Mudriy promoted the development of Christianity and enlightenment. He founded The Golden Gates and St. Sofia Cathedral in Kiev and encircled Kiev with unassailable barrages.

Yaroslav is also known as a lawmaker — in time of his reign an ancient Russian law codex was issued — it is called Russkaya Pravda (The Russian Truth).

Because of his legislative work, Christianity promotion and enlightenment he raised so high among ancient Russian people that they gave him the name Mudriy (The Wise). Yaroslav is buried in St. Sofia Cathedral in Kiev.


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