Vladislav Gorodetskiy monument

Vladislav Gorodetskiy monument
Kreshchatik str., 15/4, Pasaj

The famous architect of XIX and early XX centuries is sitting at the table in the street cafe with the coffee cup in his hand. It is the same cafe he had visited so often while living in Kiev.

The statue in honor of most prominent of Kiev architects was built in 2004 in the Passage.

Vladislav Gorodetsky

He was born in 1863 in the family estate suited to the north-west of Kiev. He had a degree in St. Petersburg Academy of arts and became an acting architect in Kiev in 1889. In 1903 he moved to own built house in a burgeoning quarter of the city, called “House with chimaeras”, now ranked as a national treasure of the country. The impressive list of Gorodetsky’s works also includes National museum of arts, St. Nicholas church, temple of the Karaims and so on. After the Revolution of 1917 he had immigrated to Tehran where had built a few building including the palace for the Shah and the theater.


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