Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastov

Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastov
Andreevskiy descent, 23

These two are brightest figures of «Chasing two hares at a time», one of the most talented Soviet-time movies about old Ukraine. The light-hearted monument depicting a passionate scene with Svirid Golohvastov on his knees proposing his arm and heart on behalf of Pronya Prokopovna.

Story of Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastov monument

Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastov, Chasing two hares at a time Pronya Prokopovna and Golohvastov This humorous monument is first of all a sign of respect to director of this excellent movie and the author of the screenplay, as to actors who made it so brilliantly vivid. It was built in 1999 in the vicinity of St. Andrews church on Andreevsky descent, one of eldest streets of ancient Kiev. There is not much of the modern architecture that could pretend to the natural coexistence with old buildings but these two figures are beloved from the time of creation. Actress Margarita Krinitsyna who acted as Pronya Prokopovna in this movie filmed in 1961, was presented on the opening ceremony and even spoke a greeting speech using a famous «surzhik», the funny local breed of Ukrainian and Russian languages. It became a good tradition to make a photo while holding this couple by the hands. The monument is now considered the natural part of this special place — called time to time Kievan Montmartre — that is already overwhelmed with tourists and visited by nearly all of newlyweds.

«Chasing two hares at a time» movie

This movie is a classic comedy about the poor barber who is pretending to solve his problems by wedding with the supposed-to-be-rich maiden from patriarchal family. Despite the trivial story the screenplay was enlightened with a kind of unique atmosphere of rural suburbs of Kiev opposing to the shiny looks of highly-fashionable barber Golohvastov. «Two hares» became the real champion by the number of quotes and proverbs originated in its brilliant dialogs. This movie considered absolutely genius that could be viewed countless times without any signs of boredom.

Moreover, Oleg Borisov and Margarita Krinitsyna who was the first-plane actors of «Two hares» became icons of most successful Kiev-born musical presented now for more than 30 years.


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