First Kiev tram monument

First Kiev tram monument
Vladimirsky spusk, Pochtovaya square

Monument of the first tram is installed on Vladimirskiy descent. Exactly here in June 1892 was launched first electrical tram in Eastern Europe.

First Kiev tram history

Kiev economical development and rapid population growth in the end of 19 century required introduction of the regular city transport. At that time in St.Petersburg, Moscow and Odessa already were implemented horse railways — horse-drawn tram. However solution of the transport issue was hampered in Kiev by the complicated topographic relief. Even harness of six horses was not able to pull the wagon on steep Kiev hills, from other hand steam trams introduced on Kreshatik were not too popular. They created a lot of noise, smoke, frightened horses and carriers by steam exhaust and were able to pull up the hill only one wagon.

Famous Russian engineer and entertainer Amand Struve suggested to Kiev municipal power an innovative solution — to use electrical engine, which will be most safe for the traffic on steep hills. Project of the electric tram was approved and on June 14 1892 started passenger traffic on 1.5 km line on the steepest Kiev descent (today Vladinirskiy descent). It was first electric tram in Russia. It’s usage even during first months showed trams full advantage on steep city streets. In 1893 line profit not only covered expenses associated with it’s exploitation but also losses from horse and steam trams.

By the end of the century total length of electric tram lines reached 50 km.

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