Panikovskiy monument

Panikovskiy monument
Proreznaya str., 6

Panikovskiy is the character of Ilf and Petrov outstanding novel «Gold calf». The monument is standing slightly above that place were «great blind» used to work.

«So go to Kiev now and ask there — who was Panikovsky exactly before the Revolution, and they will tell you — Panikovsky was blind man! I had walked down the Khreschatik with my dark goggles and the walking stick, and asked some respectful gentleman to help a poor blind cripple to cross the street. When we step to another sidewalk, that gentleman was already without his watches or a wallet… I paid a tip to a constable on the corner of Khreschatik and Proreznaya street, and no one even consided to touch me».

History of the Panikovskiy monument

The monument to «person without passport» Mikhail Panikovskiy appeared in Kiev in 1998. It was placed in the center of the city, slightly above that place were according to the novel «great blind» used to work. Bronze statue has portrait features of Zinoviy Gerdt — actor who played the Panikovskiy’s role in film by the novel; his personal and creative life was dealt a lot with Kiev. Panikovskiy is held in respect — it is evidenced by unpretentious bunches of flowers and packs of kefir at the foot of the statue.


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