Nikolay Yakovchenko monument

Nikolay Yakovchenko monument
Ivana Franko square

This modest statue is a sign of love to the greatest comedian actor of Ukrainian theater and cinema. Old entertainer is reluctantly sitting of the bench with his beloved dachshund Fan-Fan at his feet.

Nikolai Yakovchenko monument history

This statue was erected in 2000 for a 100-years jubilee of the actor. It was placed in the park in the vicinity of Ivan Franko’s theatre where Nicholas Yakovchenko was acting through nearly a half of a century. Kievans had liked the statue — kids are climbing to the shoulders of an old actor and stroking the back of funny dachshund; young girls like to sit on a knee of the statue for photos, so that places are polished and shiny. This will probably make Nicholas Yakovchenko really happy if he only knew, because all of his life he liked to be in a heart of a company.

Nicholas Yakovchenko

While Nicholas Yakovchenko was the very bright Kiev’s celebrity due to his theatrical performances, it was cinema that made him the national icon and one of favorite actors through all of the country. The main actor’s work was an old father of Pronya Prokopovna in «Chasing two hares at a time». Besides it there was Voit in «Stolen happiness», Kondrat Perepelytsa in «Maxim Perepelytsa», Lopata in «Queen of gas station», Patsyuk in «Evening on a farm near Dikanka», and Spirid in «Viy».

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