Nikolay Schors monument

Nikolay Schors monument
Bogdana Khmelnitskogo boulevard, 94

This impressive equestrian statue was erected in honor of Nicholay Schors, who was the Soviet commander served in the World War I and Russian Civil War. 20ft-height statue is made of bronze and placed on the Shevchenko boulevard in the vicinity of the Central railroad terminal. Before the Revolution there was another famous monument in this place — it was the statue of Duke Alexis Bobrinsky who propagated and brought to reality the idea to connect Kiev up to the railroad network in the middle of the XIXth century.

Nikolay Schors monument history

Story of creation monument to Nikolay Schors in Kiev monument to Nikolay Schors The order to build a monument in honor of the famous Red commander was given by Stalin in the early 1930s, but some difficulties caused the 20-year delay. The monument was actually erected in 1954 and was officially dated to the 300th anniversary of Ukraine and Russia reunion. There is an interesting fact about this statue — Leonid Kravchuk who 40 years later became the first President of independent Ukraine, posed as a model of Schors while being a student of the Economics Faculty of Kiev State University.

Nicholay Schors This legendary commander is in fact the first real Soviet hero, although his documented deeds were not so impressive as it was hyped by the official history. The original author of Schors’s myth was Stalin himself and the main purpose of such a heroic propaganda was an urgent need for own heroes of the new Ukraine as the republic of USSR, those who lost their lives for the “happiness of the labor people”. There were no references to Schors in the huge Great Soviet Encyclopedia of 1935, but just in a few years a large-scale myth with some movies was built, numerous books and songs were created. There were numerous streets, villages and even the town named in honor of this commander. The official version says that he was killed in a combat at the age of 24. Unofficial version of his death is not so pathetic: it says that he was murdered by his friend in arms, whose wife was stolen by Schors


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