Princess Olga monument

Princess Olga monument
Mikhaylovskaya square

This monument is placed on Mikhailovska square just across the Archangel Michael Gold-domed cathedral. There is a tall figure of princess Olga, first known female ruler of country, with educators St. Cyril and St. Methodius at her right hand and apostle St. Andrew at left one.

Princess Olga monument history

The sculpture composition was planned as one of few monuments to the honor of prominent founders of Russian state — along with the other first rulers of Kievan Rus: princes Oleg, Igor and Svyatoslav. This monument was financed by the donation of emperor Nicholas II and was built of concrete (considered high-tech at that time) in 1911. After the Revolution of 1917 the statue was broken and buried right under the square. In 1996 the monument was rebuilt again, with figures now made of white marble.

Princess Olga

She was Princess of Kiev and wife of Prince Igor. Being smart and educated woman she do her best in strengthening the influence of Kievan princedom, and expanding its territories as well as in defending it from the attacks of enemy tribes. She was one of first persons in Kievan Rus who been christened (in Constantinople, 955) and that in fact can be a one of reasons for her grandson Vladimir when he chosen Christianity as a state religion forty years later. Russian Orthodox church ranked her as a saint.


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