Grigoriy Skovoroda monument

Grigoriy Skovoroda monument
Kontraktovaya square

A monument of great Ukrainian philosopher and enlightener is located on Contraktovaya square facing Kiev-Mogila Academy, where Grigoriy Skovoroda studied and taught.

Monument was established in Kiev on March 1-st 1977. By that time sculpture author Ivan Kavaleridze was about 90. Initially according to the authors concept Skovoroda was with the bare foot, with the cross on his neck and Bible underarm, however communist leaders did not like this ideas, therefore cross was removed, Bible replaced with the bag and on the foot was put on cheap boots (bast shoes).

Skovoroda became a symbol of Mogila academy, it’s became a tradition to wash the monuments on October, 14, the Academy day and to put on Skovoroda head bonet (black hat of graduants) on June 28.


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