Olena Teliga monument

Olena Teliga monument
Polytehnicheskaya str., 9/16

Monument to famous Ukrainian poet Olena Teliga.

Olena Teliga monument was presented in August 2009, in the park near Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Part of the money for a monument was collected by the students and teachers of KPI, another part was donated by Dmitry Andreevskiy, a graduate of the KPI. The statue was created by Vladimir Shur, known for sculptures of Panikovskiy, Pronya Prokopovna, Leonid Bykov, Vladislav Gorodetsky and others in Kiev.

Olena Teliga is depicted like a young 18 year old girl sitting on a bench with a notebook on her lap. Place for the monument was not chosen accidentally. Olena’s father worked in PKI like a teacher, and during the occupation of Kiev Olena herself lived nearby and loved to walk in these places.

Olena Teliga

Olena Teliga — famous Ukrainian poet. She was the organizer and head of Ukrainian Writers Union in Kiev during German occupation of Kiev in World War II. Also worked as literary editor of the appendix «Timpani», of newspaper «Ukrainian word». In February 1942, Olena Teliga was arrested by the Gestapo along with 40 associates underground fighters of OUN and shot dead at Babiy Yar.


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