Golodomor memorial candle

Golodomor memorial candle
Ivana Mazepy str., Slava park

«Memorial candle» — 32-meter concrete chapel in a form of white candle with gold-plated openwork flame. Candle facets are decorated with slot-ornament resembling Ukrainian embroidery. This carved slots-crosses symbolize souls of starved people.

Official opening of the memorial sign «Memorial candle» took place in Glory park on November 22, 2008. Project author — artist Anatoliy Gaidamaka.

There is a small square in front of memorial surrounded by 24 asterix. They symbolize 24 thousand lives, which Starvation took away daily. To remind about famous in 30-th «law of five ears» in the middle of a square there is a small girl sculpture in a touching way clasping to the breast ears of wheat.

In the lower part candle is belted with four crosses in the form of windmills wings. One cross per each starvation period (1921-22, 1932-33, 1946-47) and the fourth central is devoted to all Ukrainian starvations. Crosses-cages at the foot of the candle are decorated with the gold cranes. They are chained in the cages but one managed to escape. It is a symbol of revival of Ukrainian nation.

It is planned to open under memorial uderground «virtual hall». In the middle of the hall with a diameter of 36 meters there will be pillars, surrounding a giant candle with eternal flame. Around the hall twelve projectors will demonstrate movies about Starvation consequences. From the foot of the candle there will be a staircase — memorial Alley. On the gravestones there will be engraved names of 12 000 villages suffered at that times.


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